Professional Home Inspection in Lansdale, PA

Since 1980, Priest Home Inspection has provided exceptional residential, commercial, and specialty home inspection services to residents in Lansdale, PA. Roger Priest, Owner/Inspector, is a highly experienced professional with 30 years in the home inspection industry. Priest Home Inspection can guarantee that a thorough and careful check of all property details are performed according to a nationally accepted inspection protocol. Our highly-trained and certified professionals are constantly educating themselves thanks to being members of associations like ASHI and obtaining multiple licenses.

Residential Home Inspection

With the help from Priest Home Inspection, you will be informed about the current state of the house you're looking to buy or property you're planning to sell. We'll take care of the buyers inspection, sellers inspection, new home inspection, and 1-year warranty inspection. We are dedicated to helping residents in Lansdale, PA, learn about a property's condition before committing to a sale or purchase.

Our home inspections will help you identify whether a property needs repairs or not. Our inspectors can quickly spot defects within specific components of your home, and we use state-of-the-are tools when we inspect your home to make sure the job is completed to your satisfaction.

Commercial Building Inspections

A commercial building inspection will give you a better idea about the condition of a property. Knowing the condition of a building will allow you to budget more accurately and provide for expenditures down the road. Not knowing this information, or worse yet guessing, can have serious consequences.

Water Testing

Professional water testing is the only way to understand what's actually going into your water supply. There are various pollutants that you may not be aware of, including excessive mineral content, chlorine, and more. That's where we come in! We offer outstanding water testing services in Lansdale, PA, and we can easily determine what's in your water. If your water tastes strange or you're concerned about potential contaminants, give us a call! 

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Your real estate is a large financial decision, so let Priest Home Inspection help you throughout the entire process. Contact us today if you need a thorough and careful home inspection in Lansdale, PA.

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