Commercial Building Inspection

A commercial inspection will give you an independent, unbiased view of the commercial property. At Priest Home Inspection, we will identify any problems and their solutions so that you will have all the facts you need to make a sound, informed decision. We offer commercial inspections for properties such as retail, office, and apartment complexes. We proudly serve the Southeastern Pennsylvania area including Doylestown, Lansdale, and Bethlehem, PA.

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Whether purchasing, leasing, building, remodeling or repairing a commercial property, you are making a significant investment of time, money and resources. Not knowing or guessing at the condition of a property before you make this investment can have consequences you may not want or be able to afford.

A detailed commercial property inspection will help you to:

  • Understand the current condition of the property, the life span of its systems, and budget accordingly for maintenance, repair, and replacement of items – older buildings can be especially problematic in this area
  • Determine if work currently being contemplated is feasible and can be accomplished both practically and within budget
  • Better plan construction, remodeling and repair projects from the initial design to final construction, thus reducing the risks of costly overruns, scheduling delays, and poor workmanship

Our professional inspectors are trained to review and evaluate the mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems found in commercial properties. They also have extensive knowledge regarding repairs and environmental concerns associated with these systems. Our inspectors provide you with substantive property data that will document the property condition and ensure the quality of workmanship used within the structure. In addition, our inspectors are licensed to conduct sampling, testing and analysis for any number of contaminants and/or hazards, such as radon, moisture, indoor air quality, mold, lead-based paint, electromagnetic fields, septic systems, and bacteria/lead/nitrates in water.